Cabaser 1 Mg 20 Tablets Pharmacia

Cabaser 1 Mg 20 Tablets Pharmacia

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General Informations
Substance: Cabergoline

Pack: 20 Tablets (1 mg/tab)
Recommended Dosage: 1-5 mg daily
Duration: 4-10 weeks

If you are in trenbolone cycle,you must take Cabaser every other day.If you don't use Cabaser on your Trenbolone cycle it means you accept a lot of side effects from Trenbolone.This side effect is ginecomastia because of prolaktin.Using Trenbolone increase your prolaktin level and
progesterone level also trenbolone changes your tsh level.Using cabaser protects you from these sideeffects.Some bodies genetically be affected more it depends on dosage,your bodies reaction to drug and also getting something to protect youfrom these side effects.As a results experts suggest using Cabaser in Trenbolone cycle to decrease side effects of Trenbolone.Cabaser s not stop benefits of Trenbolone,it protects your body from side effects of ginecomastia because of prolaktinit means Cabergoline protect you from impotence too.Better way to protect your body from side effects is getting Cabaser every other days during your cycle.But some users take itwhen they face ginecomastia and impotence problem. Generally you find pharmacy type of Cabaser it s 1 mg dosage.

Some users say that they have sickness.For this situtation, you can get 1 x Cabaser every 3 days or you can get it ante noctem.Usage is very important ,if you get suppress estrogen too much ,it caused lethargy,joint issues,poor mood.

Other side effects
Edema, weight changes, somnolence, depression, nervousness, anxiety, impaired concentration, allergy,
gastrointestinal intolerence, asthenia, fatigue, flulike syndrome, malaise, hot flushes, very rarely cardiac failure and constructive pericarditis, musculoskeletal pain, respiratory affection, abnormal vision, breast pain, dysmenorrhoea, decreased libido, overdose may produce nasal congestion, syncope or hallucinations.

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